Wedge wire filter pipe _ Johnson well screen

Wedge Wire Slot Well Screens for Water Well Drilling
January 16, 2017
Stainless steel filter cartridge, well screen filter pipe, Johnson well filter,candle filter rod
March 4, 2017

Types of wedge wire screen pipe

Wedge wire screen tube has various different types, according to the different standard, here are the detailed introduction of the wedge wire screen tube, just refer to them and know more about the round slot tube and get a reference for choice.

The wedge-shaped silk filter cartridge manufactured by our company is made up of
winding bar winding bar. It has high welding strength, uniform slit, high
accuracy, corrosion resistance, long service life, smooth inner surface of the
filter cartridge and perfect roundness. Our filter cartridge is widely applied
to all kinds of large and medium-sized filtration equipment, such as automatic
cleaning filter, scraper filter, automatic blow down filter, rotary fine grille
filter, drum fine grille, rotary screen and other solid-liquid separation
equipment. The filtration precision of the wedged wire filter is 0.02mm-10mm,
the structure is reasonable and the service life is long. It is one of the best
filter elements so far. The main material is made up of 304, 316L.

Slot Size (S): The distance between each profile wire.
Profile Wire: Triangle wire is common type.
Support Rod: Triangle wire is common type. It can also be round rod, flat bar, wedge wire.
Support Rod Distance (P): The distance between each support rod.

Wedge wire screen tube ending types
Johnson Continuous Wedge Wire Screen Pipe/Water Well Screen for Oil Well

Johnson screen/wedge wire screen tube technical parameter:
For wedge wire screen tube, profile wire type is generally triangle wire.
Support rod includes triangle wire, round bar, flat bar and wedge wire.
The length of wedge wire screen tube is 0.3m,0.6m,1m,2m,3m,6m,12m.

Wedge wire screen pipe profile wire size

Surface profilesSupport profilesMin.diam. in mmMin. slot width in mm
11SQ20 or Q25230.030
18S22S or Q35300.050
22S22S or Q35450.10
22SD45 or 10×3 or 25×33000.20
28SD45 or 10×3 or 25×33000.20
34S10×3 or 25×33000.20
42SQ35 or D453000.20
42S10×3 or 25×33000.20

Pipe specification

2 3/82 .3752
3 1/23.53.1
4 1/24.54
5 1/25.55.0
6 5/86.636.1
7 5/87.637.0
8 5/88.638.1
9 5/89.639.1
10 3/410.7510.1
12 3/412.7512

It can also be designed and produced according to the requirements of the

The fully welded wire winding screen can be made of stainless steel, as long as
it is used for sand control, chemical industry, papermaking, water treatment and
other industries in oil, gas and water wells, and sieve plates are mostly used
for water treatment and papermaking industry. Gap size (mm): 0.02, 0.04, 0.05,
0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.30,… 4, and adjust according to the user’s request.

Note: the outer diameter of the sieve tube is related to the selection of the
size of the sieve bar. The diameter of the sieve tube is between 19 and 900, and
the length of the sieve can be processed according to the user’s requirement
between 23-3000mm. Double screen prepack dual screen prepack is a monolayer of
different diameter wire wrapped screen together, closed pre filled quartz sand
after solid annular space formed in the double screen, which is dense, fastening
filling the quartz sand, to achieve the “sand” effect, can reduce construction
time, effective fast effect.

The sieve tube can be used for the use of dehydration and stripping. It includes
the plane sieve plate, the arc sieve plate, the jigging sieve plate and the
centrifugal sieve basket. The sieving crevice of the sieve tube from 0.02-45mm,
a total of 100 a variety of specifications. Our factory can produce all kinds of
sieve tube products according to the needs of user service.

If the stainless steel screen is used as the material, it is called stainless
steel screen pipe, which is made of advanced stainless steel wire with special
section and welded by advanced technology. It has the characteristics of simple
structure, convenient use, high strength, light weight, strong corrosion
resistance, large filtration area and good percolation performance.

Well Screen Applications
Water Wells
Support and filter medium
Solid-liquid separation
Filter application
Sewage treatment
Dehydration application
Sand treatment

The surface is smooth and smooth, the clearance is uniform, the roundness is
perfect, and the minimum gap can be made of 2 silk. Can provide small sample!
More than the same industry in China!

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