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August 21, 2018
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March 20, 2023


Wedge wire screen pipe is widely used throughout the world for water, oil, and gas wells, and is the dominant screen type used in the water well industry. Wedge wire screen pipe is made by winding cold-rolled wire, approximately triangular in cross section, around a circular array of the longitudinal rods. The wire is attached to the rods by welding, producing rigid one-piece units having high strength characteristics at minimum weights. Slot opening for continuous-slot screens are manufactured by spacing successive turns of the outer wire to produce the desired slot size. All slots should be clean and free of burrs and cuttings. Each slot opening between adjacent wires is V-shaped, from the special shape of wire used to form the screen surface. The V-shaped openings designed to be non-clogging, are narrowest at the outer face and widen inwardly;

Types of wedge wire filter pipe:

Flanges and reinforcement rings are available depending on the application.

1. Screens with a high open area are more suitable for the construction of high-quality water wells, oil wells, and gas wells.
2. Low-cost operation Screens with high open areas shall favor groundwater infiltration. Abundant water shall reduce the water level’s down, thus saving energy consumption
3. Reduce the abrasion of the pump Under the same condition, a high open area can make the speed of groundwater’s entering into the screen much slower than any other filtration apparatus, which will avoid sand entering into the screen because of high pressure, thus reducing the abrasion of the pump.
4. Extend the life span of wells Comparatively, groundwater’s entering into a screen with a higher open area is much easier than entering into a lower open area screen. The slow water flow shall extend the life span of wells.

  • Application
  • Liquid Solids Separation

    Solids removal from process wastewater

    Lake and river water intake screens fiber removal

    Screen cylinders for rotary screens

    Recovering solids

    Heavy media recovery dewatering

    Wedge Wire Screen Pipe
  • Collection

    Support grids for uniform fluid collection in media filter

    Hub lateral screen systems

    Header lateral screen systems

    Collection of treated liquid in treatment vessels

    Filter nozzles for tube sheets

    Upflow clarifiers

    Gravity filter underdrain systems

    continuous slot pipe
  • Sizing straining and filtering

    Resin traps used as an effluent strainer

    Sizing of solids

    Pressure screens

    Filtering particles from treated fluid

    Strainers for pump or compressor protection

    continuous slot pipe
  • Retention

    Retaining media and collection the treated liquid

    Carbon retention screens in carbon-in-puop tanks

    Flooring for germination, malt kiln, grain drying rooms

    Catalyst retention in catalytic reactors

    Fish protection diversion screens

    well screen
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    johnson screen




Wedge wire Screens Specification
Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel
Wedge Wire (mm): Width : 1.0 1.50 1.80 2.20 3.00 3.30 3.70
Height: 2.0 2.20 2.50 2.70 3.50 4.30 4.70  5.60  6.30  7.00

Rod (mm):

Width : 2.30 3.00 3.50 3.70
Height : 2.70 3.60 4.70 5.60 6.30
Or Round : 2.50mm — 6.0mm
Slot Size 0.25mm-3mm, or to technical agreement
Out Diameter 104mm-1200mm.
Unit length 6m max. (5.8m suitable for container loading.)

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