Johnson type well screen support grating

Wedge wire screen used for looped screen separator
June 19, 2023
June 19, 2023

Johnson support grating for petrochemical industry is a key equipment in petroleum refining. It operates under conditions such as 10-25MPa high pressure, 400-480 ℃ high temperature, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide. In order to prevent serious damage such as hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen corrosion, sulfide corrosion, Cr-Mo steel temper embrittlement, and delamination of the welding layer, the design requirements for hydrogenation reactors are high, and the manufacturing process is complex and difficult, with high requirements for materials, welding technology, and welding quality.

The application of Johnson support grid in hydrogenation reactors, also known as catalyst support grid, can adapt to various harsh working conditions such as reactor tower internals. It uses highly corrosion-resistant materials and can prevent dirt on the surface of the filter tube, ensuring a large radial area and sufficient strength.

  1. The Johnson support grille produced by our company is welded with V-shaped wire winding and V-shaped reinforcement bars (or circular square support bars) at each intersection point.
  2. Sturdy structure, high porosity, and precise gap size. Especially suitable for liquid filtration in reforming reactors and tanks.
  3. Easy to backwash, long service life, safe and reliable, and low overall cost.
  4. Welded pipes with higher porosity are more suitable for constructing high-efficiency water, oil, and gas well regeneration reactors, hydrogenation reactors, reaction towers, and many other fields.

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