sand point de-watering spears screen system

Pre Packed well Screen
Pre-Packed well Screen 
June 26, 2017
wedge wire screen panel
wedge wire sieve bend screen
June 27, 2017

sand point de-watering spears screen/ steel wedge wire self-jetting well points Well point screen for de-watering is an incorporate.

These wellpoint dewatering filter system incorporate a self Jetting head with a non-return rubber ball valve, a stainless steel slotted filter screen,
a G.I. inner drain pipe and a top coupling which threads to standard 1 ½”” (40 mm) riser pipe.
The serations on the jet head render penetration, even through hard grounds easily. Specially designed slots of stainless steel screen,
allows maximum water flow with minimum pressure drop and prevents passage of even fine material.
Ranges of sand point de-watering spears screen system
This kind well screen for water well drilling, geotechnical drilling, environmental drilling, mineral exploration drilling, geothermal drilling, construction drilling,
water utility and gas utility leak detection work along with a wide range of other diverse applications.

sand point dewatering screen

sand point dewatering screen

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