Johnson wire filter pipe , also known as Wedge wire slot pipe

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February 7, 2018
deep well pre-packed filter pipe, sand control pre-packed wedge wire pipe
February 17, 2018

Wedge wire screen pipe, also called round slot tube

  Johnson wire well filters

     Filter pipe products – Johnson wire filter pipe , also known as wedge wire filter tube .

Other titles: Johnson wire around the filter tube , wedge wire filter tube .

Wedge wire screen pipe
Wedge wire screen tube, also called round slot tube. It is made of stainless steel wire, which is the most popular type because of outstanding chemical stability and corrosion resistance.
The wedge wire screen tube is composed of working profile and support profile. It is produced on an automotive machine. The support profiles is placed on the suit position of the machine, during the surface profiles are spirally wounding, the support profiles are welded onto the surface profiles.
Johnson wire filter pipe technical parameters :

Material: iron, galvanized sheet, stainless steel

Surface treatment: hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized, electrolytic polishing

Features: Johnson wire filter pipe is composed of V-shaped wire and support bar, each cross-point connection by welding, solid structure, good mechanical properties. V-section to avoid blockage, while ensuring smooth flow of water. Continuous gaps have a larger water area, while reducing the infiltration rate of groundwater to prevent the sand under a larger water pressure into the tube, better sand filter. Gaps can also vary depending on the geology.

Uses: Backwash filter on the application, for centrifuges or similar machines. They can be designed to fit filter mats to an existing frame and also be constructed as a unitary support structure. Johnson wire filter can be used for pulp and paper and mineral processing, but must be particularly hard against high centrifugal force and high temperature, also need to have special wear resistance. Long cage filter can also be used for sugar processing, but the design should pay special attention to minimize errors, cracks should be subtle.

Specifications of wedge wire screen tube

Material stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, etc.
Tube diameter 25 mm – 1500 mm
Tube length 0.3 m, 0.6 m, 1 m, 2 m, 3 m, 6 m and 12 m. Special sizes can be customized
Slot size 0.05 mm – 2.5 mm
Surface profile type triangle wire
Support profile triangle wire, round wire, flat bar or wedge wire

Features of wedge wire screen pipe

1. Accurate filtering performance.
2. High efficiency.
3. Narrow slot openings.
4. Normal or high grade type for choice.
5. Various edge types.
6. Wide range of diameters for choice.
7. Special sizes can be customized.
8. Economical but high grade.
9. Corrosion resistance.
10. Rust resistance.
11. Long service life and durable.

Johnson wire filter commonly used specifications:

name width height Cross-sectional area Clearance angle
20 0.020 0.508 0.040 1.016 0.0005 0.323 11 °
30 0.030 0.762 0.050 1.270 0.001 0.645 13 °
47 0.047 1.194 0.088 2.235 0.003 1.935 10
63 0.060 1.524 0.100 2.540 0.004 2.581 10 °
69 0.071 1.803 0.177 4.496 0.010 6.452 7 °
93 0.089 2.261 0.138 3.505 0.009 5.806 13 °
118 0.116 2.946 0.185 4.699 0.015 9.677 13 °
130 0.130 3.302 0.250 6.350 0.023 14.839 8
158 0.158 4.013 0.239 6.070 0.028 17.94 8
191 0.195 4.953 0.363 9.220 0.055 35.484 5 °
Applications of wedge wire screen pipe
1. Petroleum industry: Oil filtration.
2. Water treatment industry: Desalination of seawater, treatment of industrial water and domestic water. Water softening treatment.
3. Chemical industry: End products of chemical organic solution filtration, such as acid, alkali liquid filtration, alcohol and other products filtering.
4. Hydro-geological exploration.
5. Drilling construction.
6. Geothermal development.Customized way: According to customer needs custom production. The design technician of our factory can perfect the strength, capacity and anti-wear life of the products, help you to invest the lowest cost to realize the increase of production output.

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