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Wedge wire filter pipe _ Johnson well screen
January 27, 2017
wedge wire filter candles
wedge wire filter candles
June 26, 2017

Applications of wedge wire filter cartridge for oil filtration

The product is especially suitable for fluids containing wax, asphalt and high viscosity. Widely used in coarse and fine filtration of water treatment of power oil wells, gas wells, wells, chemical, mining, paper making, environmental protection, metallurgy, food, sand, Decoration and other industries

I. Overview:
Stainless steel filter A variety of material types around the welding screen, mining screen, sieve plate, water cap and air cap and bridge screen, drilling sand control pipe.
Pipe types mainly include a variety of materials and specifications of API tubing andoil casing and its accessories
Second, detailed description:
Name: Stainless Steel Filter
Material: Stainless steel 316l,304
Spec.: Diameter 32mm,33mm,37.5mm,38mm,60m
Filter Precision Range: 0.025-1.0mm
The wedge-shaped filter is made up of “V”-shaped stainless steel wire and stainless steel support bar.
The smooth surface of the filter element is a filtration surface, and the slit is a bar, which belongs to the surface filtration form.
As a variety of forms of automatic filters (such as automatic backwash, scraper self-cleaning, scraper self-cleaning, sucking self-cleaning filter) The best filter elements are widely used in various industries of fluid filtration. Choose which type of filter, there is no right and wrong points, only the suitability. Mainly according to the product’s ring characteristics operating costs, product quality improvement and equipment price.

The wedge wire filter cartridge is formed by welding wire(cross section is wedge)through a special welding technology welded on the support wire, use Special equipment for resistance welding, high welding strength, uniform gap, strong corrosion resistance, effective filter area, high penetration efficiency, simple structure, minimum aperture 25μm, arbitrarily chosen by the customer.

Features of wedge wire filter cartridge for oil filtration

High mechanical strength, can withstand greater pressure
Uniform aperture, form uniform filter cake, beneficial backwash regeneration
Wedge-shaped filter gap, improve backwash regeneration capacity
High pressure, high temperature, anti-aging, corrosion resistant, available for many types liquid.
Almost two-dimensional filter, without particle accumulation, can gather energy when backwash, good backwash effect.

wedge wire filter cartridge for oil filtration

The specifications of the wedge wire filter cartridge for oil filtration:

wedge wire filter cartridge

wedge wire filter cartridge
304, 316L
Outside diameter(mm)
25.4, 33, 38, 50, 57, 76, 89, 105, 117, 130, 850; Special size
can customized as customers’ request.
slot size
0.025mm- 6.00mm; Special size can customized as customers’ request.
Wedge Wire (mm)
Support Rod (mm)
Max 6 meters.
Note: Other specifications can be customized according to your requirement.
The filter has the advantages of high welding strength, uniform gap, high precision,corrosion resistance, long service life, smooth surface, no edges and corners of the filter surface,
Recoil cleaning, disassembly fast, easy to operate, over the flow of large, stable quality with perfect roundness and so on.
Mainly used in beer, rice wine, syrup, beverages, soy sauce, jelly, dairy products, spices, chemical pharmaceutical and other similar liquid candle-type diatomite filter,
Fine filter machine, filter, Diatomite filter, liquor filter, wine filter, rice wine filter and other filtration equipment.

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