What is the Drum rotary screen for sugar mill

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June 25, 2023
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August 22, 2023

A drum rotary screen is a mechanical filtration device commonly used in various industries, including sugar mills, for separating solid particles from liquids or other solids. In the context of a sugar mill, it is primarily used to separate sugar crystals from the syrup or molasses.

The drum rotary screen typically consists of a cylindrical drum made of perforated or wedge wire screens, which rotates around its axis. The screen’s openings allow smaller particles to pass through while retaining larger particles, thus achieving separation.

Here’s a brief description of the drum rotary screen’s functioning in a sugar mill:

  1. Feeding the slurry: The sugar slurry, which is a mixture of sugar crystals and syrup or molasses, is introduced into the drum rotary screen. The slurry can be fed either through a central inlet or a specially designed distributor system to ensure even distribution along the drum’s length.
  2. Screening: As the drum rotates, the slurry flows through the screen’s openings. The sugar crystals, being larger than the screen’s openings, are retained inside the drum, while the syrup or molasses, along with smaller impurities, pass through and are collected separately.
  3. Discharge: The sugar crystals retained within the drum are eventually discharged from one end of the drum, typically through a chute or a screw conveyor system. The discharged sugar crystals are then sent for further processing, such as drying or packaging.
  4. Cleaning: To prevent clogging and ensure efficient operation, the drum rotary screen often includes a cleaning system, such as brushes or spray nozzles, to remove any accumulated sugar crystals or impurities from the screen’s surface.

Advantages of using a drum rotary screen in sugar mills include:

  • Efficient separation of sugar crystals from syrup or molasses.
  • Continuous operation, resulting in high throughput.
  • Low maintenance and operational costs.
  • Flexible design, allowing for easy customization according to specific requirements.

In summary, a drum rotary screen is a valuable separation tool in sugar mills, helping to separate sugar crystals from the syrup or molasses. The device’s continuous operation, efficiency, and low maintenance make it an attractive choice for sugar processing facilities.

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