API sand control screen for oil well,filter pipe

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April 17, 2018
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April 26, 2018

API sand control screen for oil well,filter pipe

Sand control screens are cut-to-size wire meshes that ultimately form part of a multi layer pipe structure. These sand control screens are used in crude oil production, where they ensure that the sandy oil sludge is not pumped up to the top together with the oil.

Due to the strict requirements stipulated by the application and deployment conditions, the semi-finished sand control screens are subjected to various highly critical processing and testing stages. Process reliability is the key for the entire production procedure. This starts with cleaning and thermal treatment of the mesh, which guarantees the best possible protection in terms of the corrosion resistance of the materials used. All screens are also 100%-tested for pore accuracy. This ensures that every cut-to-size piece is completely faultfree with regard to its pore size. In this way, we ensure that no major wear or defects can occur during the deployment period.
The mesh segments are all cut to size using plasma cutting technology, which ensures that the edges are secured.

The Sand control screen of the oil well is composed of a base pipe and a high precision water pipe which conform to API standard.
Product Features: 1, under pressure capacity, with the support of the inner layer of the base pipe, timely external pipe deformation, cracks will not increase, sand control performance more reliable.
Suitable for the use of harsh environment.
2, the outer screen aperture uniformity, small error of 0.05mm, can effectively play a role in sand control.
3, screen slot density due to other screen, so that the flow resistance reduced, greatly improve the oil and gas production.
4. The pipe diameter is fine, which reduces the difficulty of drilling.
5, continuous V-shaped structure makes the flow infiltration speed reduced, reducing the tube and equipment under pressure.
6, the base pipe material for API Standard J55, K55, N80, etc., the outer screen for stainless steel 304, can also be used in accordance with customer requirements of other materials. Applicable environment: Kilometer deep wells, oil wells, geothermal wells, poor construction conditions of the formation

The sand control screen pipe is composed of base pipe, multilayer sand control filter sleeve and outer protective sleeve etc. from inside to outside. The use of high-quality stainless steel materials, multilayer sand-proof filter sleeve for four layers, from the inward and divided into: Diversion tube (for 0.5㎜ precision CNC punching plate), precision microporous Filter mesh 20 mesh *110 mesh, microporous filter mesh 40 mesh, precision microporous filter mesh 20 mesh *110 mesh,

The punching seam outer protection sleeve is made up of the width of the punching seam of the numerical control precision punching slot, and the sand control sleeve and the stainless steel punching outer protective sleeve are integrated with the base pipe in the 0.5~1.00mm range.

specification of filter pipe

Sieve Wire Specification: 2.2*3.0mm,2.3*3.0mm,3.0*4.6mm,3.0*5.0mm
Pallet specification: 3.8mm/22 root, 3.8mm/32 root, 3.8mm/48 root, 3.8mm/50 root

Screen Size Screen ID Screen OD Pipe OD Rod Qty
114 117.2 130 114.3 30
140 142.7 155 139.7 36
168 171.6 184 168.3 44
178 181.1 194 177.8 46

applications of water well screen
Water Wells
Support and filter medium
Solid-liquid separation
Filter application
Sewage treatment
Dehydration application
Sand treatment

Sand screen selection is typically based on the holes and the size of sand particles. If the hole of the screen is too large, large quantity of sand will enter into the screen and plugging will happen recently. However, if the hole is too fine, the production will be affected. The selection of sand screen is to balance the production and sand collection.

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