Steel wedge Wire Filter Element

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March 10, 2018
Slotted Wedge Wire Screen
March 13, 2018

Steel wedge Wire Filter Element

wedge wire filter elements are ideal for many challenging filtration applications. Their design provides:

Optimum structural strength for heavy loads
Minimal plugging and blinding
High pressure/pulsating pressure capability
Corrosive application suitability
Thermal resistance
Long-life — almost endless cleanability
Sterile application / food industry suitability
Low pressure drop
High flow rate
High Performance Filtration for Many Applications
If your process involves any aspect of fluid/solid separation, we have the products and experience to help you achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


ODTechnical diametersFiltration rating
22.5mm OD22.5*131.5mm10 mircon
22.5*131.5mm50 mircon
24mmOD24*137mm30 mircon
24*80mm10 mircon
29mm OD29*121mm25 mircon
29*121mm50 mircon
15*29*221mm10 mircon
15*29*221mm50 mircon
15*29*221mm25 mircon
32mm OD32*187mm50 mircon
32*187mm10 mircon
20*32*183mm50 mircon
32*183.5mm10 mircon
32*228mm50 mircon
32*27850 mircon
32*287mm10 mircon
32*287mm50 mircon
32*287mm25 mircon
34*287mm50 mircon
31*182mm25 mircon
32.5*411mm50 mircon
42*151mm80 mircon
45*367mm,40 mircon
50mm OD50*381mm10 mircon
50*381mm40 mircon
51mm OD51*273mm10 mircon
51*530mm50 mircon
51*747mm25 mircon
51*378mm40 mircon
52mm OD52*274mm30 mircon
52*384mm50 mircon
52*273mm50 mircon
52*611mm50 mircon
61,5*369mm50 mircon
64mm OD64*747mm40 mircon
64*327mm40 mircon
64*505mm50 mircon
72mm OD72*516mm50 mircon
72*452mm50 mircon
73*859mm40 mircon
75*58.5*264mm50 mircon
85mm OD85*1016.5mm50 mircon
85*60*1021.50mm50 mircon
85*762mm50 mircon
86*1019.5mm40 mircon
105*1097mm50 mircon
102*250mm200 mircon

Steel wedge Wire Filter Element are ideal for hostile or severe environments and applications. That is why cleanability is so important. All of our wire cloth stainless steel filter elements are easily restored back into service by back flushing, ultrasonic or other non-abrasive cleaning techniques. When used in filtration applications involving hazardous fluids, the cleanability of our stainless filter elements can significantly reduce disposal costs.

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