Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screens

Resin Traps
Resin Traps
June 26, 2017
Bridge slotted Bridge slotted water well screens
Bridge slotted water well screens
June 26, 2017

The rotary drum screen is a mechanical self-cleaning device that was developed to meet the growing need and demand for an efficient and economical method of removing suspended solids
from mixed liquid streams. The continuous and self-cleaning effect of the rotating screens makes it possible to use higher flow capacities than those of any other type of screen thus resulting
in substantial savings with respect to both investment and maintenance.

Details of Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screens

Model Mixed Juice

Capacity (t/hr)

Drum Diameter (mm) Drum Length (mm) Drive (KW) Feed (inlet) Size Discharge

(outlet) Size

Approx. Mass (kg)
WT610 40 600 1000 1.5 DN100 DN150 535
WT615 73 600 1500 1.5 DN100 DN150 650
WT1015 99 1000 1500 2.5 DN150 DN200 1050
WT1018 132 1000 1800 2.5 DN150 DN200 1170
WT1518 165 1500 1800 4.0 DN200 DN250 1775
WT1521 214 1500 2100 4.0 DN250 DN300 1940
WT1524 264 1500 1400 5.5 DN250 DN300 2130
WT1824 277 1800 1400 5.5 DN300 DN350 3670
WT1830 396 1800 3000 7.5 DN300 DN350 3040
WT1836 515 1800 3600 7.5 DN350 DN400 3425
WT2136 554 2100 3600 11.0 DN400 DN450 4125
WT2142 693 2100 4200 15.0 DN400 DN450 4575
WT2148 831 2100 4800 15.0 DN450 DN500 5110


Advantages of the Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screens are that large flows can be pumped over a range of screen drum aperture sizes. The screen surface can also be cleaned as the screen drum rotates presenting a clean surface to the incoming feed.

Applications of Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screens
are widely used for the separation of sugar juice from cane fibre. Depending on the industry, flow rate, and material to be separated, Trommel/Cush Cush Screens can be manufactured in a large range of diameters, lengths, apertures and wedge wires. The rotating Trommel Drum is used for separating solids from liquids or solids from solids in dry feed applications.

rotary drum screen

rotary drum screen


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