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tháng Ba 18, 2023
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ASTM A 312 thép không gỉ đục Vỏ bọc ống

Dear Vendor,

Mantra Energy International FZE hereby invites your company to submit a quotation for the supply of the materials listed:

  1. Casing pipe – 1100 m as per attached specification (we prefer to the stockist)

Your quotation shall include but not limited to the following:

1. Quotation Date.

2. Quotation Reference #.

3. Quotation Validity not less than 30 days

4. Delivery period.

  1. Delivery term.

    6. Payment term.

    7. To indicate whether quote valid for partial order or only for full order.

    8. You to ensure that your offer is in full conformance to the scope and requirements as specified in the descriptions or specifications given. Any deviation or alternative offered to be clearly specified and supported with comprehensive technical specifications or datasheets, product catalog, photos or samples.

    9. In the event that you regret to quote, please inform us your regret before the closing date.

    Lưu ý: Unless having order or clarification received from “Mantra Energy International FZE ” within 30 working days after submission of quotation, consider your offer as non-competitive due to one of the required terms (price, delivery terms, technical specification).


Rashad Hajiyev

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